1. KTO 360 starter kit
KTO 360 starter kit
KTO 360 starter kit
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PaleoMeal - DF Berry/Cream

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KTO-360™ Powder is a delicious keto-friendly, high fat powder featuring collagen peptides and fats from avocado oil powder, grass fed butter powder and the medium chain triglyceride caprylic acid (C8). Each 2-scoop serving (40 g) of this unsweetened vanilla-flavored powder provides 16 g of protein from collagen peptides and 16 g total fat per serving, with only 3 g net carbs.

The KTO-360™ powder and KTO-Electropure™ are now available in a convenient bundle. The KTO-360™ powder contains 16 g of quality fats (avocado, grass fed butter and medium chain triglyceride caprylic acid), 16 g of protein (collagen peptides) and 3 net carbs. KTO- Electropure™ is the best electrolyte blend for rapid replenishment, including 75 mg magnesium, 300 mg chloride, 150 mg sodium and 150 mg potassium.

Recommended Use: Recommended Use: Mix 40 grams (approx. two scoops) with 8-10 ounces of water or other liquid per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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