1. KTO C8 oil
KTO C8 oil
KTO C8 oil
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ArthroSoothe Cream

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KTO-C8™ 100 is 100% pure caprylic acid sourced exclusively from coconut oil. Each 1-Tbsp serving provide 14 grams of caprylic acid convenient for adding to coffee or tea, using in shakes and smoothies, or incorporating into recipes as needed. Caprylic acid is a medium chain fatty acid with 8 carbon atoms, hence its chemical shorthand, C8. Medium chain fatty acids have unique properties that distinguish them from other fatty acids and which give them utility for adding to ketogenic diets as well as for incorporating into other dietary approaches.

Recommended Use: Mix 15 mL (approx. one Tablespoon) in 8-12 ounces of liquid per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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