1. MedPax Custom Supplements
MedPax Custom Supplements
MedPax Custom Supplements
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Want a More Convenient Way to Take Your Supplements?

Now you can get all your supplements in daily, easy-to-use, individualized tear-off packets with XYMOGEN’s MedPax.

What is MedPax?

  • Personalized medicine box of daily dose-packs with targeted dietary supplements
  • Designed specifically for you by your practitioner
  • Verified for authenticity, potency and safety

Why MedPax?

  • MedPax is convenient. You can easily take your nutritional supplements on the go.
  • It takes the guesswork out of organizing and remembering if you took your supplements.
  • MedPax clearly tells you when to take your next dose.
  • You don’t have to ever worry about running out. Your MedPax will be automatically sent to you every 30 days; and can be canceled at any time.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Complete and return the virtual consultation form via email ([email protected]) or fax (860-561-2287) so we can determine what your needs are
  • You get an email notification of your practitioner’s recommendation.
  • Review the recommendation and add it to your cart, pay and it’s on its way.
  • You will get your customized MedPax AutoShipped every 30 days.
  • Once your supplements arrive, take them daily as directed and start getting back to your life.
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