1. Metabolic 6X
Metabolic 6X
Metabolic 6X
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Metabolic 6X

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Glucomannan, the main component of Metabolic 6X™, is a naturally occurring fiber component in the Konjac plant root. It belongs to the class of soluble fibers such as the ones found in fruits, beans, oats, various seeds (i.e., chia, flax, psyllium), guar and various other types of gums or alginates. Soluble fibers have the property of dissolving and swelling up in water to form a fiber gel. Due to its special structure, glucomannan has the ability to bind much more water than other soluble fibers, forming a gel with a large volume. For example, one study showed that 1 g of glucomannan was able to form a 50 g fiber matrix gel, which means that it is capable of binding water to 50 times its weight. Due to this exceptional water adherence property and high viscosity, glucomannan fiber has the potential to generate stronger physiological effects than any other known natural soluble fiber. Glucomannan has been researched for the past 30 years with outstanding results and it is quite possible that it may have similar, and most likely higher, efficacy than other commonly known soluble fibers.
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