1. Phosphatidyl Serine 120mg 60 caps
Phosphatidyl Serine 120mg 60 caps
Phosphatidyl Serine 120mg 60 caps
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Phosphatidyl Serine 120mg 60 caps

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Phosphatidyl serine (PS) is a nutrient essential for optimal brain a function. Because PS is crucial for the overall health of brain cells, research on PS has shown that it benefits a wide range of brain activities such as mental focus, memory recall, and performance on tasks.* There are no foods rich in PS, except for brain, so PS supplementation is the only way to increase your levels of this valuable brain nutrient. PS is an essential component of all neuronal membranes. Human research suggests that PS may help support overall brain wellness.
As a dietary supplement, take one or more capsules daily or as directed by your health care practitionerwheat, yeast, milk or dairy products, corn, sodium, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.
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