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Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder
Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder
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Part Number: DFH-PRO120
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Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder. Recommended shipping Cold Pack or Cooler Bag. Nonreturnable item.

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Designs for Health has once more taken advantage of the latest advancements in scientific technology. Our Probiotic Synergy Powder contains 6 stable and viable strains — carefully selected to be acid tolerant and provide excellent adherence to the gut wall. These 6 strains represent the most necessary, stable and best-researched bacteria known today. We now provide 20 billion live organisms per half teaspoon. Probiotics maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the intestines by displacing bad bacteria, aiding digestion of food including dairy products and by combating yeast overgrowth.* Beneficial bacteria also aid in the synthesis of Vitamin K and CLA and possibly the B Vitamins. Many doctors recommend Probiotics after a patient has been taking antibiotics. Daily use of Probiotic Synergy supports healthy bowel movements.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 teaspoon (2 grams) or more per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.Designs for Health Probiotic Synergy Powder is made from the highest quality probiotic strains available. For maximum potency and viability, refrigeration is recommended, even though these probiotics are designed to be stable at room temperature.
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