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TheraFace Mask
TheraFace Mask
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Breakthrough FDA cleared LED skincare mask that delivers effective, full-face Red, Red + Infrared and Blue light with added tension-relieving vibration therapy. Clinical studies showed firmer, smoother, healthier-looking skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and dark spots in as little as 8 weeks.* Plus, Mask’s easy-to-use hands-free design comes with removable protective eye shields so you can multitask during your treatment.  

Contains 648 medical-grade LED lights that emit 3 types of light wavelengths: Red, Red + Infrared, Blue, for an effective full-face treatment that targets all areas of the face --- even the lips and nose. Also has 17 proprietary QX Micro motors that deliver massaging vibration therapy to key areas of the face and scalp to promote relaxation and stress relief.
  • Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves firmness, facial contour, and sagging/loose skin
  • Improves appearance of skin tone, evenness with significant spot lightening
  • Improves skin radiance, luminosity and overall appearance of healthy skin
  • Improves skin texture and smoothness
  • Clear and prevent acne

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