1. LifeCORE Complete - Vanilla 895 grams Powder
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LifeCORE Complete - Vanilla 895 grams Powder
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One serving of this instant protein beverage mix provides 20 grams of high-quality proteins from legume (pea protein), rice and potato protein. The unique complex of pea and rice protein, has a wellbalanced amino acid profile-including a high content of lysine, arginine, and branched chain amino acids.

LifeCORE Complete is excellent for those: (1) who are sensitive to gluten, soy, dairy and eggs (2) who are looking for a low-calorie, low sugar, fructose-free protein product (3) who are looking for a portable nutritional product with a well- balanced ratio of carbs, protein and fat and plant fiber (4)looking for a protein product with good digestibility (5)looking for a nutritional product for hunger management.
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